We provide governance for international students who strives to a new stage where intercultural coexists and co-create the society.

We aim to grow our support business further to assist international students to have an optimal study-abroad experience.

About us

Infinistone is a coined word of "Infinity" and "Stone" combined.
Our company name stands for "Infinite Stone", and it represents "a solid and lasting bonding". The name is the foundation of our corporate philosophy, expressing our determination to create a "solid bond with our stakeholders", in other words, "a society of coexistence and co-creation with all people, regardless of nationality".

Our approach to the SDGs
Our initiatives

Infinistone believes that our mission is to nurture global human resources who can solve global issues and contribute to society through our living support business, Japanese language education business and foreign national human resources employment support business for international customers. Each member of staff with a high level of awareness will contribute to the community, society and the future by working together to achieve the SDGs that the world has set as a goal.


Infinistone is looking for new colleagues who loves to work with us. The company name "Infinite Stone" represents "a strong and lasting bond" and is the basis of our corporate philosophy.


Infinistone collaborates with many business partners to develop a wide range of businesses in the future.
We aim to build relationships that enable mutual business expansion.

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